Community Support for NECS is Strong

Running a non-profit Performing Arts organization requires a strong base of financial support. Few, if any, arts organizations raise enough revenue through ticket sales to fund operations. NECS has budget of more than $60,000, but raises less than 25% of that amount through ticket sales.

A key component of our fundraising is Program Booklet advertising. These ads give Merrimack Valley businesses access to hundreds of active and affluent Merrimack Valley residents who attend our concerts. This year, thanks to the able leadership of singing member Lou Bufano and strong member participation, advertising support by community businesses was especially strong. More than 60 businesses and community members purchased advertising space. NECS thanks our advertisers for the important contribution they make to our financial health. If you are interested in advertising next season, please reach out to NECS by using the “Contact Us” section of the web site.

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